Connect with your intuition to open your eyes and follow your soul’s journey.

We have learnt to rely on our parents, teachers, government, doctors, media and possible other authorities. The world is shifting tremendously, and we need to learn to rely on ourselves, on our own authority and inner wisdom. So you can envision your path and decide, any time, whether given advices, lessons and pieces of information are (still) correct for you. That’s not about being against someone or something, it’s about being true to yourself.

Your life is your adventure, and your intuition is a pure guide. It’s a knowing, a soft voice that collaborates with your soul, senses, energy system, body, Mother Earth and the Universe. It’s a matter of becoming soul mates with your own soul and becoming who you already are, so you can live your natural talents. Sometimes big fun, sometimes it feels messy for a while.

Of course, I had my own road trip with ups and downs and still have. But there’s no way back. And I love to guide you in finding and connecting with your intuition so you can open your eyes and explore and follow your wisdom for whatever pure purpose you know it’s worth your effort.

My way of working is down-to-earth, inspiring, light-hearted, compassionate, creative, in-depth, with a high level of integrity and always supportive of your spiritual journey in your own pace.

This means I give personal sessions in coaching, energy work, sound work, Human Design and intuitive writing. I also give online and offline trainings and workshops in intuitive energy work within IFI and my own company in The Netherlands. I had my experience as a teacher and supervisor in several education levels at Intuitieve Opleidingen in The Netherlands.



Education energy work // Additional qualifications

  • Current: One to One program at Berkely Institute California by Marc Shargel
  • Hands on Healing IFI – Basics and follow-up training
  • Spiritual midwifery and holding space during pregnancy and birth by Greetje de Goede in The Netherlands
  • Seminar in Crete about female creative energy, by IFI and Intuitieve Opleidingen
  • Healing, Reading and Leading program at Intuitieve Opleidingen in The Netherlands
  • Foundation 1 & 2 in Human Design for business and careers at BG5 Business Institute in the US
  • Dutch copywriting, editing
  • Sound healing massage and relaxation
  • Professional guidance/coaching

Individual sessions
Hands-on Healing
Energetic clearing of houses/buildings
Professional guidance/coaching/holding space in situations where you feel stuck, in conflict or crisis
Human Design Consult
Spiritual midwifery/holding space pregnancy/giving birth
Sound healing massage
Coaching in (intuitive) writing

Dutch, English, German